A Linda Move

My life consists of experiencing and doing the craziest things.  I call them a Linda Move! 

It wasn’t because I was a single mom; it is just how my life ticks.  However, while a single mom I found myself in some pretty me crazy situations. (I’ll share some dating ones at another time.)

One winter weekend episode made my list as A Linda Move.  I had met my ex on the Friday evening because he had the girls for the weekend, and  decided to stay overnight at my sisters. Saturday morning I had this incredible feeling of doom when I picked up my purse and found no wallet.

ID-10075797If you are like me, my wallet contained my life.  It consisted of my driver’s licence, my one credit card, and debit card, health card, pictures, etc.  All documentations that I needed with money were tucked inside. So with my PJ’s still on, bed head extraordinaire and a long winter dress coat I went on an important mission.

I drove to the high-rise office building where I worked, went through security and opened the door to the office. There under my desk was my GLORIOUS wallet.  I just about crumbled in relief.  It must have fallen out when I grabbed my purse leaving work.

So, what did I do with the opportunity at hand? With the girls gone, I buttoned my coat to my throat thankful for the long coat and high boots, and went shopping!

I haven’t shopped in my PJ’s since.  I wish I could say I haven’t lost my wallet again, however, in all the Linda Moves of my life, God has been there listening to my panic, my cries, and my hallelujahs.

Job 29:12, When poor people or orphans cried out for help, I came to their rescue.

Psalm 59:17, I will sing your praises! You are my mighty fortress, and you love me.

I didn’t have a husband to help me, but I had God.  My friends, He is enough!

Maybe you experience these kinds of things in your life. I am sure your mind is packed with constant thinking, planning and organizing.  You are normal and you are not alone. You may feel alone as a single mom but don’t be discouraged you are going to get through all the challenges in life.

ID-100169204Open you Tool Box:  Do you have a Linda Move experience to share?

  • Claim these Scriptures.
  • When these Linda (put your name there) Moves come along cry out to God for help.
  • Rejoice in how God helped you in your panic, your cries and your hallelujahs
  • Share your story with another single mom and find out they too experience the same thing


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