A  Momma, an Employer, a Dreamer

Life might have been easier if I had as many arms as an Octopus.  Some days I felt I needed more than the two attached to my shoulders. Work had its demands, the snow was awaiting my shovel on the driveway, the kids needed hugs, I needed a hug and there was an on-going issue with the ex!

Do you feel that way?

ID-10053102When life is busy with no relief in sight, we need to dream. Why? It gives us a positive outlook on life so life isn’t as overwhelming. I am not talking about daydreaming but goals and dreams that will enrich our lives. You might be thinking…”I can hardly get things done each day without having to sit and think about dreaming”.  What would I dream about anyway?

Dreaming can be about planning a trip, looking into taking an educational course, seeking new employment, or researching something fun to do like white water rafting or learning a new language. Ok, maybe not rafting but you get it. Write it down, put a date on it, research information about it and see where it leads.  You never know when God will help you achieve your dream; so don’t give up.  Some feel that it is a useless endeavour because they think it isn’t worth it.

I have dreams.  From year to year they may change. Sometimes I wonder how it will ever come about, but I keep pursuing and working on it.  One year, I applied to get my Master’s Degree and was accepted. That acceptance letter written in black and white gave me such an encouragement despite the heavy demands on my life.

With a list, either on paper or in your mind, ask God to help you Dream.  God’s listening.  Nehemiah had a dream to re-build the walls and gates of Jerusalem.  His fulfilled dream is told in the 13 chapters of the book of Nehemiah.  Hannah wanted a baby so badly. Her story can be found in 1 Samuel 1.

I am thankful for men and women who dream. Because of them we have electricity, penicillin, the World Wide Web, and freedom! Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech called “I had a dream” became a reality. They had a dream and so can we!

I never got my Master’s Degree….YET.  However, many other dreams God has helped me achieve beyond my wildest imagination. This picture of me is where I took a pen and paper to journal and dream.  It wasn’t so much the place but the determination to take time to dream.

Don’t forget to dream, you will be glad you did!  Hebrews 12:2a, We must keep our eyes on Jesus, who leads us and makes our faith complete. 


ID-100169204 OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX:  Challenge yourself to dream and begin its journey.

  • Write a list of dreams whether you think they are silly or not
  • Believe that God can help you dream
  • Encourage your kids to believe that life is about achieving all they can and to dream
  • Get together with a girlfriend and encourage each other to dream



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