May I have a WORD with you?

How has your first few days of 2015 been?

The Single Mom life never seems to have a dull moment….at least it was like that for me.  There was a mixture between the feeling of sadness that the festive season was over and apprehension of more challenges ahead…ALONE.

ID-10069158In January, I would pick a word that would be my theme for the year. One year it was PEACE, another year FAITH, and just last year JOY. Some of my friends have chosen words like Thankful, Food, and Discipline.

I wanted to learn something new allowing me to grow in character. Picking a word helped me move toward that. I usually read a book or two on that subject, looked up Bible verses to memorize and even found pictures to hang up by my desk that had that word. Did I perfect it?  No.  It will be a life-long journey, but I did learn new things and that is good!

One year, my daughter did it as well.  She picked her word and made goals. This is something we can pass on to our kids.

What about you?  Can you think about a word that you could claim and be challenged by it? Words can be positive powerful tools to help enrich your life. This is a new year and a new day.

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX:  I see some letters in there…what did you choose?

  • With your word, what steps can you take to fulfill it?
  • Maybe ask a friend to do it with you and keep each other accountable.
  • Be ready to learn some new things about yourself and the world around you.


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