Happy New Year and Setting Goals

Christmas seems to come with a flurry of busyness.  All the gifts are out of their boxes stacked into each room, and the wrapping paper and canned goods are in the recycling box. I hope you had a blessed day with your kids whenever you had a chance to celebrate.

My oldest daughter lives across the country so I wasn’t able to be with her this year.  I had an early celebration with my youngest because she is flying out to spend some time with her sister.  Time changes things. My hope had always been to teach my girls to learn to leave the nest, but I never expected them to fly so far away! Ha

ID-100256198With a New Year upon us, I want to encourage you to set goals and dreams. I am not a New Year’s Resolution person because after about the first week, it falls between the cracks.

However, I take time to sit and work on new goals. In Debbie Macomber’s book, Knit Together: Discover God’s Pattern for Your Life, (listed in my ‘Linda’s Library) she believes that we all need to have goals. I totally agree. Debbie has given me permission to share with you her worksheet from this book on pages 152 and 153.

Goals for This Year

List three new things you’d like to experience this year:




List three nonfiction books you want to read this year:




List three things about yourself you want to improve:




I. Spiritual goals

II. Family Goals

III. Physical Goals

IV. Career Goals

V. Recreational Goals

VI. Financial Goals

We all need hope to move ahead and set goals and dreams to helps us in our journey. I keep them from year to year and enjoy looking through the lists and see all that have been accomplished. This can be such a positive step! ID-100291748

Happy New Year!!!…Let’s see what God has in store for 2015!  Hold on to your hat!


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