From my heart to yours, Merry Christmas!♥

Are you right in the middle of Christmas madness trying to finish up last minute wrapping, baking, or perhaps packing your kids up to see their dad?

Christmas is a special season and yet, from experience, it can bring extreme loneliness. Each Christmas season seemed to be different for me. My family always invited me, but I usually stayed home and waited for the girls and then we travelled to see my family.

One year when I was alone, I had the privilege to help serve a dinner for people who had no family around.  Other years, I spent going for walks and finishing wrapping the girl’s gifts. Once I cooked a turkey for a vegetarian friend for her extended family to eat and joined them.

1931361_47826686780_7529_n[1]I personally feel that Christmas was when and what we made of it. Some years our little Christmas celebration was a few days before the 25th.  Other times it was a day or so after. All that mattered was that we were together. Believe me, it could have been easy to feel sorry for myself.  I didn’t like to be alone or be reminded my family had broken up.

Getting the season back into perspective helped.  Jesus came to earth born in a humble stable providing a way for us to come to God.  (Luke 2).  We can celebrate His Birthday whether the 25th or 26th or 27th…..and also enjoy our celebration time with the kids’ any day.  I learned that I had to be flexible in a divorced home.

1170_41568931780_1606_n[1]My heartfelt wish is for all of you to have a special time with your kiddos in whatever celebrations you have planned.

Merry Christmas to you all and…

Happy Birthday Jesus!ID-10065440




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