Christmas Traditions that Stick

IMG_4714Who would have thought?   One Christmas, when the girls were little, I dragged down mattresses for us to sleep by the tree on Christmas Eve. That became a tradition that stuck! They got new PJ’s and we would watch a Christmas movie laying in our make-shift beds before lights went out.

I learned as a single mom that I could make new traditions.  It was our special tradition.  So for the next 12 years we would drag beds and cushions to sleep by the tree! As they got older, they weren’t as impressed with the coffee machine perking and me yelling, “Time to get up”.

With this Christmas season upon us, I would encourage you to find something fun IMG_0247with your kids that will be unique and that you all enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a huge event but something you can do with your kids. Some watch the same Christmas movie every year with a huge bowl of popcorn or play a game.  Others help at a homeless shelter, while others bake cookies and give to neighbours. Some attend a community event.  Whatever it is, make it yours. Enjoy laughing.  It is a good for your soul.  It will be a memory that can be placed in your memory book for life.


ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX.  Grab a thinking cap for making a Christmas tradition

  • Gather your kids and talk about something they would like to do this year for a possible tradition
  • Check out the local newspaper for activities in your area
  • Remember that Traditions are more valuable that monetary gifts.


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