I flipped all the calendars to DECEMBER.  It arrived so quickly.

I love the Christmas season. It brings wonderful sights and sounds filled with 1170_41568946780_4078_n[1]Christmas activities. The problem becomes when there are so many things to do and get accomplished.  I don’t know about you, but December can be over-whelming.

Holding on to my to-do list, I ‘check it twice’ and go over what tasks I need to do and when.  It is with this list that I analyse what is important and what isn’t. Single motherhood made it extremely busy trying to juggle everything especially during this festive season.

I like to use the KISS principle. If not, life can become so busy. The KISS Principle has stood for ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’,   BUT I like it to stand for the Keep it Simple Season. If not, the true meaning of the Christmas celebration is lost. What a life-giving celebration of Baby Jesus coming to earth; born in the manager.  God made it simple for us to embrace yet so eternally profound.

Picture1My girls and I had our traditions every Christmas season.  Other activities would fall into place if there was time.

We tried to pick a Christmas event to attend. The live nativity was a favourite of mine. Decorating the Christmas tree followed with a Christmas movie was a non-negotiable. For the first few years, I found making traditions painful because it was a family time and mine had been broken. Doing our own Christmas traditions helped make positive memories for all of us.

December will always be a month filled with activities for school, church, neighbourhood get-togethers, and working out holidays with the ex.  Keeping it Simple Season will help everyone to enjoy the important Reason for the Season.

Linus, from the Charlie Brown Christmas movie, reminds us when he said, “That’s what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown”.

ID-10065440Luke 2:12 “This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”

As I place my focus on Jesus’ birth and reflect on all those that celebrated that starry night 1,000’s of years ago, life is less harried and more focused.  Peace can then reside in my heart as I sit in the traffic jams, huge line ups, grasp my to-do list, and fight with wrapping paper.

ID-100169204  OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX :  Pull out your December Calendar

  • With the 4 weeks in December before us, let’s use the KISS (Keep it Simple Season) principle
  • Take time to reflect on Luke 2 and all those involved as they knelt before the Baby Jesus
  • Plan a special Christmas activity with your kids. Will this become a family tradition?
  • Make a list, check it twice and keep it simple this season













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