NO! NO! NO! Isn’t it interesting that one of the first words our children love to say is these two letters! As a mom, I felt that was a regular word in my vocabulary too. ID-100259952

The word, “NO” may seem like a negative word to many, but for me it was also a safety word. Raising kids on my own, I had to use those words from time to time to set boundaries and keep life sane.

  • No you can’t stay out that late, you need your rest
  • NO you cannot ride in that car with an inexperienced driver
  • No you cannot go over to their house this time, I don’t know them yet
  • No that is an inappropriate movie to watch
  • No that is too much money to spend
  • NO that type of outfit is not appropriate
  • No it is time to stay home for some downtime

I should have worn a T-shirt with those two letters on it or had it ingrained on my forehead. I had wonderful girls, but I was not naïve in guarding them from situations that could be negative.

As I worked with them and used the NO word, my prayer was that life would become a YES word and they learned to make wise choices. I breathed these words below just as Job did.

Job 12:13, But God is the real source of wisdom and strength.

IMG_3515I knew one day they were to leave the nest, and so I had to use No from time to time to help them develop into wise adults. Yep! I received flak, and that was hard but I did it because I loved them.  Boundaries are healthy and I wanted that for the girls.

You know what was hard? Doing it on my own. I didn’t have a husband around for help. I hoped I was doing the right thing and there were times I made mistakes or over-compensated.  I would rather have done that then be Lucy goosy and let them do whatever they wanted so I could be their ‘pal’.

The Word No brought some arguments but at the end of the day, we always knew we loved each other and were a team. They understood my protectiveness and even though they didn’t always agree, they were secure in my love. In the end, No was not negative but a YES word as they grew into adulthood.

I claimed this verse for my girls. Psalm 119: 9, Young people can live a clean life by obeying your word. You can’t go wrong with living Godly principals.

No-vember is all months of the year. You are not alone in your challenge to protect and guard your children.  You are the mom and choosing healthy boundaries is a Yes word!


  • Understand that NO can be positive
  • You are their mom and making wise choices does involve the word NO
  • Ask God for wisdom as you make decisions for healthy boundaries for everyone
  • Process fear and see if it is a healthy fear to say NO
  • Talk with your kids about why you said NO even if they stomp their feet
  • Call a wise friend for support
  • Claim Psalm 119: 9 for your kids

















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