As School begins, so does a whirlwind of activities. One has ballet, the other karate, and soccer has been added to the mix.   Monday begins with a bang and then somehow Friday has hit the calendar as you stand there holding ballet slippers, karate pants, and a soccer ball.

What about you?  Do you take time for yourself?  Is there something that you can do that will relax and encourage your spirit?

ID-10088818I love libraries. I never used to love to read but when my world spiraled; it was books that helped me in my journey.  It wasn’t just ‘how to books’ but fiction books that let me go to their world for a time.  I found that scrapbooking was fun to help me enhance the pictures for my memory books.  I began to jog to release my stress.  I had lost a lot of weight when my ex left but was told by my doctor to exercise to release stress.  When my kids got older, I would squeeze into my bathing suit to take an aqua fit class one night a week. Some nights, I just soaked my feet and watched my favourite TV show.  I traded babysitting with friends giving us all sometime of refreshment.

I began to knit again because it made me SIT and relax.  Simple patterns worked for me.  There are wonderful charities that need your help to knit things.IMG_1181 - Copy

World Vision has such a program called, “Knit for Kids”.

Life doesn’t stop when you become a single mom. Sometimes it is just the beginning.  Know you are a Person of Worth in God’s eyes, and even though life is crazy and hectic, He wants you to enjoy life.

John 10:10, “I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest”.

I call this my ‘Linda Time”. These were the moments to re-group and remember that life is worth living. I would have to put back on my Mom Hat and enter our heavy schedule, but those times energized me. Try and guard those moments for yourself.  My toenails were painted, my book was placed again on the bedside table, and my bathing suit was ready for another session.

With all the scribbles on your monthly calendar, see if you can sneak in some ‘Linda Time’. You will be amazed with a lessened stress level for walking forward and being able to parent more efficiently too!

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOLBOX:  I see a space in your busy calendar with your name on it!

  • What would you like to do or learn for fun?
  • Call it ‘(Your Name) Time”
  • Take your calendar and see where it will fit into the schedule
  • Try one out and if that doesn’t work, find something else
  • Keep it simple so that you don’t give up on it
  • Remember You are a Person of Worth in God’s eyes





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