Classmates, Drama, and Teachers

School has begun and with it comes drama! There may not be a special drama class offered this term, but certainly there will be one played out.

ID-100204285The classroom is staged with desks lined row by row, chalk set on the ledge by the blackboard, assignments neatly printed in black and white on the board, and a crisp apple sitting on the teacher’s desk.  However, when the school bell rings and students rush in to find their desk, every occupied chair will have its unique personality.

Inside the classroom door will sit the class bully, the outspoken one, the class clown, the shy timid one, the impressionable one, the on-looker, the most popular, and the scholar. A new teacher stands in front of the classroom with his/her own unique personality and you wonder if this will be a positive year for your child.

It can be challenging as a single mom to help your child deal with classmates and their teachers.  My girls had some wonderful teachers…other years…not so much. There were times kids were mean to my girls.  I felt the heavy burden of dealing with school issues on my own.  My ex would help but there were just some things I did alone.  Sitting on my kids beds and holding a box of tissue, we had numerous discussions working on possible solutions.  I found it hard to call a parent, or watch my girls approach a classmate to work on an issue. There were times I had to set up a meeting with the teacher.

As the children attended their classrooms, I also attended ‘The School of Hard ID-100165189Knocks’.  From Kindergarten to their last year of High School, each year was a new challenge in my life education.  Quite frankly, I would have liked to skip the drama, but I knew that I had brought these girls into the world so would help them in all aspects of their education. The girls had new backpacks every year and so did it.  I had to fill mine with courage, determination, and bits and pieces of wisdom. I knew that God would help me with the responsibility before me.

My youngest is in her last year of college. The time has gone so quickly.  As I chat with her, I listen to how she makes her choices and deals with stressful situations.  My first reaction would be to rescue her, but she wants to deal with issues knowing I have her back. The baton has been passed to her.

As September begins, you may find yourself dealing with your children’s demanding classmates and teachers who may not be on the same page as you.  Take courage and encouragement.  As each situation unfolds, you will have the strength to deal with it.  God was my Teacher and He will be for you.  He wants to help.

Proverbs 1:5 says let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance”.

Let this school year be one of team work, wisdom, and great learning.

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX: Grab your Mom Backpack.

  • Ask the God of Wisdom to be your Teacher
  • Listen to your children’s heart and work with them for a positive solution
  • Take time each week to sit with your child to gain a pulse on how things are going in the classroom
  • Use discernment if you need to speak with a teacher or a parent
  • Find out who your kids are hanging out with and talk with them in a non-threatening way why they spend time with them
  • You are the parent, so set positive boundaries to prepare them for each term of school. It will pay off.
  • Celebrate You in the School of Hard Knocks! There is a graduation mortarboard just your size!ID-10045243






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