ID-10060456Who was I?  I was trying to walk with these new shoes as a Single Mom. What were my beliefs and standards? What did I enjoy doing?  What made me laugh?  What wise decisions could I make on my own? What were my passions?

Well-meaning people gave me a myriad of advice whether I wanted it or not. I usually smiled, thanked them and graciously walked away. Usually my eyes were rolling around and I am quite amazed those peepers didn’t get stuck!  Other times, I was forever grateful for the wise words that came at just the right moment.

It took time to sort through who Linda was. I have not arrived. Yet, as the dust settled and life became more of a routine with the girls and me; Linda emerged.

One of my family members shared with my mom that ‘it was good to see the old Linda back again’.  As I healed and made wise decisions (and some not so wise), I began to enjoy the skin I was in.

God and I had a lot of conversations during my walks in the park, journaling, and reading God’s Word accompanied with helpful resources.  He was my Faithful Companion and Cheerleader to help me recognize who I was.

Psalm 33: 20-22, We depend on you, Lord, to help and protect us.  You make our hearts glad because we trust you, the only God.  Be kind and bless us!  We depend on you.

As the days progressed, I learned I could be myself and it was OK.  I began to have confidence when asked to write and minister to others. I took a personality test. BINGO!! I then understood why I liked the things I did and how I interacted with people.

Here is a free-online test that will only take minutes but may open your eyes to how you tick.


The light turned on when I took a personality test given by my counselor and realized why I felt that way and did the things I did. As my silly title says, “I is, who I is, who I is”.  That does not mean I can excuse my life and do what I want.  It was a realization of how God had fashioned me so I could rejoice in living life as it was meant to be.

DSC02805During these days of new awareness of God’s intricate craftsmanship with me,  I learned I enjoyed reading, had a passion to express myself through writing, desired to engage in people’s lives, loved stock car racing, scrapbooking, and that being by water refreshed me. I also learned that there was some ugly skin I need to exfoliate in my character development. God was gracious to help me work on it. All of this helped me to be an example for my children.

I encourage you to take some time to read about women in the Bible. Ruth was a risk taker, Esther was in high management, Martha was in hospitality, Mary was hungry to be a scholar, and Lidia was a business woman. The little book, The Top 100 Women of the Christian Faith, listed in “Linda’s Library”   is packed with women who reached outside the box and believed in the skin they lived in.

I may never be written about in a book, but what I do want is to enjoy living in my skin as God has crafted and molded me.  Because of this, I am confident that God will open up His exciting opportunities for me to experience.  How about you? These can be adventurous days for you.  Why not take the challenge?


ID-100169204Open Your Tool Box: Look at your skin

  • Are you happy with the skin you are in?
  • Write out three positive things you like about yourself.
  • With that list, what do you feel you would like to accomplish
  • Ask God to help you to enjoy who you are
  • Read one story of a woman God used in the Bible.
          • Ruth, Book of Ruth
          • Esther, Book of Esther
          • Martha, Luke 10: 38-42: John 11
          • Mary, Luke 10:38-42; John 11
          • Lydia, Act 16

YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!      



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