While grocery shopping, I looked in the direction of some  noisy commotion. A mom was trying to concentrate on her list while three of her children were in a state of chaos. We looked at each other and I said, ‘Day One of summer vacation!’

ID-10013720These next few weeks can be stress-filled trying to find some inexpensive and free activities to help pass the time. As a single mom, one of your hats you wear tied on is the Chief Activity Co-ordinator.

I was so glad to share some of my summer moments with other mom’s and their kids while the school doors were locked. I encourage you to gather a group of other single moms or girlfriends to plan some adventures. Don’t forget to take pictures so when those cold winter months have closed in, you and your kids can flip the pages of the album to warm your hearts.

Check out Pinterest for some creative ideas.

I went on the World Wide Web to search for some free activities to do with kids. It brought me to the website called, ‘’. There are many other websites giving great suggestions as well. I was given permission to use this article and hope these suggestions will encourage you as you creatively plan some wonderful memories this summer.

“Where to Find Free Activities and Events in Your Area Published on – August 7th, 2009 (by J.D. Roth

This is a guest post from Lynn, a long-time reader of personal-finance blogs. Lynn is a potential Staff Writer for Get Rich Slowly. She is the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of her family, and is working hard to increase her financial health after years of many poor financial choices.

…The internet turned out to be a great resource for us and I thought I would share what I’ve learned with you.  Of course, internet sources vary greatly depending on where you live so this is a generic list that I hope can be helpful to everyone.  By all means, if you have suggestions, feel free to share with everyone in the comments!

  • TV & Radio Stations — Most of our local stations have an online community calendar.  While not everything listed has been free, I have found some great gems.
  • Newspapers — Our newspaper’s online version has a community calendar.  They also sometimes post articles about free events (they tend to be right before the event so they are last minute finds).
  • Hospitals — I never knew our local hospital sponsored so many free activities to promote good health!  The free activities around us are often geared towards kids but the whole family is invited.
  • Cities/Towns — Municipalities around us have event pages to promote what is happening.  Free concerts around us are pretty popular.
  • Local Tourism Sites — Our local tourism sites have given us ideas regarding free places to visit and explore in our area.  They also have a calendar that we check for free events.
  • Bookstores & Libraries — When it comes to finding free presentations by authors or literacy programs for children, bookstores and libraries are the place to look.
  • Sporting Goods Stores — I was surprised when I came across a local sporting goods store with a calendar of events.  One near us sponsors things like free get-together bike rides.
  • National & State Parks — some state parks in our area have free nature programs and hikes for families during the summer.
  • Schools & Colleges — One school in our area has an online newsletter on their website that includes upcoming local activities for families.  I’ve found quite a few free things to do from that.  The local college advertises free seminars and concerts.  Both of these are usually more active during the school year.
  • Historical Societies & Museums — In my experience, there is usually a fee for events sponsored by historical societies and museums.  However, at least once a year the ones near us have a free open house and some link to free historical seminars at other locations.
  • Target Stores — They are sponsoring free and reduced fee activities this summer.  The activities are in major metropolitan areas, but if you are near one there are some great offerings.  For example, admission to the Portland Children’s Museum is free on the first Friday of the month.
  • Search Engines — I’ve found a few obscure free things to do just by searching for “free events [my town]” or “free activities [my town]” on Google.

The sites I find are bookmarked and checked weekly.  The small amount of time I spend to check them is worth it since the free activities and events we attend feel like little splurges to us.  They are fun and they are free!”ID-10041895

To me, it looked like a good start for some research in planning summer fun. It may even help to keep your sanity and from hearing the words, I’m Bored! 

Happy Summer!


ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX: Oh My!  So much to do ~

  •  Remember spending time doing simple activities make for important memories
  • You don’t have to run ragged because everyone needs quiet, down times
  • Sit down with your kids and let them choose one activity they are interested in doing
  • Grab some disposable cameras for your kids and have fun planning a photo album
  • Call another single mom and plan an activity with all the kids this week
  • If your kids say they are bored, have a list of household activities they can help you with!
  • Switch off childcare with another single mom during work hours

You can do this!

2 thoughts on “MOM, I’M BORED

  1. Hi Linda,

    Thnkssss a lot for sharing these ideas, Local Tourism Sites is a good adventure with kids. and Why should it be for single moms only? why not for a single parent ? I guess even single dads can us this site effectively


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