I grabbed my bookmark, which was an old ‘Holiday Inn’ room key card, and placed it back inside my book. I noticed in big, bold letters splashed across the card that said,  STAY INSPIRED.

For me it is a perfect reminder, while on planet earth, to continue to be inspired, learn, and grow.

Sometimes when our agenda is filled with work responsibilities, kids stuff, household duties and heavy heartache issues there seems to be little time to be inspired.  I want to encourage you as life’s dust is swirling around your feet how important this step is.

Our minds, at whatever age, need to be challenged in positive ways or we will begin to shrivel up.   Goodness knows there are enough issues that crowd our brain and zap of us energy.  One way to stay inspired is by reading books and articles that open up the window to our world. They help us see beyond the address nailed to our front door.

ID-100240919What a perfect time to take a summer challenge by dusting off the library card or by borrowing books from the church library. One book that has inspired me is called “The Top 100 Women of the Christian Faith” by Jewell Johnson.  Short stories are told of women, like you and me, who took the challenge to embrace life and impact our world.

Other resources are books on tape or opportunities to download as you go about doing dishes, gardening, or attacking that mountain of laundry.

There are websites that offer free Bible studies to feed your soul.  One is www.Powertochange.comWhy not take a look if some topics would interest you?  They don’t take a lot of time but I know they will enrich your life.  /

I am inspired by women who believed they could make a difference with God’s help.  Corrie Ten Boom lived through a horrific holocaust in a victorious way.  Joni Erickson Tadi took her life, bound in a wheelchair, to amazing accomplishments. Fanny Crosby penned words to encourage and heal others while being contented with her blindness.  ‘Google’ Gracia Burnham and see how God is using her tragedy to help others today.

Believe you can embrace what is ahead.  You are a woman whom God has molded and shaped and He believes in YOU!  For me, I embraced the fact that God had a promising future for me and He was cheering me to be inspired to keep looking ahead. I just had to be willing. I would never have thought I would be writing, mentoring, or own a company.

ID-100206321We are all in the same life boat; we just have a different paddle. I encourage you to stay inspired by learning from those who have paddled their own boat leading to a victorious life.  God will give you the strength to paddle through life. Don’t limit God, He is waiting!  Ask God what you can do for Him.  I did and am so glad I did!!!

Romans 12:6 (NLV) “We all have different gifts that God has given to us by His loving-favor. We are to use them.”

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX: Pull out your own key card that says Stay Inspired

  • Check out Bible studies that will quench your soul
  • Take a walk with your kids to the library and open your window to the world
  • Claim your favourite chair where you will sit to be inspired as you read, journal or listen
  • Write out some goals (even if they seem silly right now) that will encourage and inspire you
  • Remember, YOU are a Person of Worth in God’s eyes and He wants you to be inspired




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