You just hung up the phone. The headache laying on the surface of your forehead had now become full-blown and it wasn’t even 8am! The student babysitter informed you she had taken another job with a family who spent their summer at the beach.

Co-workers at the water cooler were talking about their big vacation plans yet your big summer itinerary was figuring how to pay the bills.

4231_86620576780_6649176_n[1]Summer….bah humbug! I felt this many times. While others sat on the beach soaking up the sun, I was fighting traffic every morning in the scorching heat, working to pay the bills, and finding reliable babysitters.  Wasn’t summer supposed to be a time for R&R and putting the ten toes up?

Tylenol wasn’t going to solve this. I had to gain perspective again and pull in my lower lip.  Despite the fact that my summer had life issues that didn’t take a vacation, it was time to make a conscious effort to reflect on the goodness of God and rest in His Promises.

Lamentations 3: 23-24 (CEV) “The Lord can always be trusted to show mercy each morning. Deep in my heart I say, ‘the Lord is all I need; I can depend on Him!”

Stepping back from my negative attitude, God was able to help me see a n721116780_833908_6857new perspective. Summer may not have been a week at a beach house or a trip to the ocean, but it was the quiet times enjoying the sunset, splashing my feet in the cool water along the shoreline, going on picnics with the kids, sticking my nose in good book, and thanking God for these mini-vacation moments.

ID-100169204OPEN UP YOUR TOOL BOX. Create a mini-vacation.

  • What new mercies are waiting for you this summer? Take some time to list them.
  • Schedule in mini-vacation moments to help you relax and rest in the fact that God is good and He is ’all I need’. God will meet you every morning.
  • Grab the kids and go splash in the water; make ice cream sundaes with little umbrellas in them; dust off your library card and then curl up in your favourite chair.
  • Pitch a ‘tent’ in the basement and go camping with your kids in your own personal camp ground. It’s Mini-Vacation Time!!!













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