Mother MAY I?

Did you play the childhood game, Mother May I?  I spent many school recesses with classmates trying to reach the appointed “Mother”.ID-100190626

Our life steps to God, the Heavenly Father, need only be one step.  He is waiting with outstretched arms to embrace and help us as mothers.

We recently celebrated Mother’s Day to express thanks for those that have positively influenced our lives. I believe Mother’s Day is every day as we strive to embrace this role. The Mom Job description outlines numerous responsibilities intermixed with love and security. Being a single mom is one tough job and I felt like an octopus that needed more arms!

Behind your front door is a home filled with children who were created with similarities yet many differences. Every child reacts differently to life and some require more attention and help then others.  Some days I just about screamed if I heard the word, Mom, one more time. Have you felt that way?

Margaret McSweeney, host for Kitchen Chat (and internet radio podcast called has written a book called, A Mother’s Heart. She beautifully pens what being a mom is all about.

A mother’s heart knows how to stretch and to grow. A mother’s heart knows when it’s time to let go.”Letting go is an essential part of being a mother. “Let go to let grow” should be your motto as a mother too. A mother lets go of her baby’s hand so he can learn to walk. She lets go of the bicycle handlebars so her child can learn to ride alone. And she lets go of the apron strings so her young adult can mature.But especially, a mother needs to let go and let God grow her son or daughter. In the Bible, Hannah is a fine example.  She gave her son Samuel completely over to God. She said “he will belong to the Lord his whole life.”

I know single motherhood is tough, but guess what…you are going to make it!  Be encouraged to know that others are in the same boat using their own mom-paddle. God has seen fit for you to have this task.  He trusts you to do your best. You won’t be perfect, but you are perfect for your kids.  Reach for God’s strength and His wisdom.

s721116780_833907_5792Many nights I would enter into the girl’s bedrooms to watch them sleep for a few moments.  They were innocent victims in this new chapter we were living. I would pray that God would help them grow to be women of character and faith asking for emotional protection in a very harsh world.

MAY I be like Timothy’s Grandmother and Mother. 2 Timothy 1: 5 says “I also remember the genuine faith of your mother Eunice.  Your grandmother Lois had the same sort of faith, and I am sure that you have it as well”.  Cling to your Heavenly Father for His guidance to be the best momma so when they ask, Mother May I, you can answer with wisdom and truth covered in love.

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX.  Can you hear “Mother May I?”

  • Pray, pray, pray for God’s wisdom in your home
  • Pray that your children will embrace the love of the Heavenly Father
  • Understand that God has trusted you with these precious children
  • Take a step back and appreciate your role as a Mom in your kids lives
  • Appreciate each differences and pray they grow into responsible adults.  You can’t be Supermom but you can be a super mom.







2 thoughts on “Mother MAY I?

  1. one side note to “Mother May I?” that has nothing to do with your wonderful message.

    When my son was a teenager we developed a code. When it came to giving him permission or not to go somewhere or with someone he felt peer pressured – if he need a scapegoat to tell him “No” he’d ask , “Mother, may i?” If he wanted to go, he’d ask as any kid would- “Mom, Can I?” There were a few times we had to use that code, and it always got him off the hook. It also made me feel better about his discernment skills.


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