NEW ME (Part A)

A number of television shows, watched in our living rooms, create total makeovers on individuals as well as homes. The results can be dramatic.

May I encourage you to take a different kind of personal makeover: a makeover realizing your worth in God? I believe we are created for a specific purpose in life. Psalm 119: 73 says, “You created me and put me together.” Isn’t that awesome!  Despite life’s painful situations and feeling unraveled, God has put you together.

When you begin to understand how precious you are in God’s eyes, you have an exciting choice to work on a NEW ME!

This week and next, I will share three life changing decisions that helped me in my makeover.

  1. Love- With a marriage break up or even death of a spouse, love may have a very different definition for you. I want you to do this; take a look at yourself.  Begin to see the magnificent way God has knit and woven you together for this life.  When you can begin to love how God designed you, freedom can begin.

DSC01744Our world has defined what love is and what makes people beautiful. There is some belief if you love yourself; it makes you proud and self-centered.  Allow yourself to step away from their lists. For me, I enjoyed quiet moments alone to write out a list of new dreams and goals, reflecting on my Worth in God’s eyes. You are so worth it to God! As I began to accept and love myself, three decisions followed.

a. I disciplined myself to be physically healthy.  I exercise about 4 times a week to keep my heart healthy and try to make wise food choices.

b. I disciplined myself to study. I schedule time to study God’s Scriptures. God’s words are like a daily vitamin to my soul. God penned His words for us to understand His love, His promises, and His instruction. In addition, I set a goal to read inspiring books each year. (Check out some of my books in Linda’s Library.)

c. I disciplined myself to believe in me with God’s help. Lies and hurtful words can keep us in bondage but they don’t have to. You are not a mistake. Love the wonderful tapestry weaved together named ‘You’. Believe the positive things God has in store for you.  Isaiah 43: 19, “I am creating something new. There it is! Do you see it?

Ahead of you can be an amazing journey as you accept God’s view of who you are as His precious creation. Today can be the beginning of the greatest makeover for a NEW me.  God is excited to help you, just ask Him.


ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX.  Look inside to see God’s magnificent creation named ‘You’.

  • Rejoice you are God’s unique creation and list some of your good qualities.
  • Realize your worth in God and love your potential.
  • Record some new goals and dreams to work on over the next year.
  • Read through the life of Jesus to see how much He loves you.





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