NEW Memories That Heal (Part 2)

Healing can begin as we create new memories that override the old ones. We will always have our old memories. Some will be good while others… well, not so much. A critical decision has to be made whether you want to hang on to the old ones if it is hindering you from true healing.

ID-100217821Some are afraid to let go of old memories because they find it hard to release the relationship. Others are afraid they will forget the positive ones. No one can take your memories from you but it is your choice how you package them up.

As Easter is upon us, we are reminded that Jesus sacrificed His life and conquered death. Luke 24: 6 “Jesus isn’t here! He has been raised from death”. His Power over death has allowed us to accept His NEW gift of life, heal and make NEW memories. (If you want more information why not check out:

New memories don’t have to be expensive or exuberant. They just have to be a team sport. We had picnics in the basement, flew kites at the park, played Go Fish, mID-10045506ade cookies (yes what mess!), made castles in the sand, and went on road trips to visit family.

If your kids are older, the challenge may be how to plan some individual time with them. Let your creative juices flow as you tap into their interests and invest in their circle of life. Join a class together, meet for lunch, play a game of tennis or go for bike ride.

I believe the time spent with your children will affect their outlook on life and assist in their own personal healing and development.

Kids have expressed to me that gifts and money are nice but it didn’t produce respect or security. Making memories is a priceless gift. Cesare Pavese says, “We do not remember days; we remember moments.”

Be cautious that you are not trying to ‘one up’ your ex’s plans with the kids. Your children will have new memories with their dad and want to tell you about it. Let them do so without feeling guilty.

I sat for hours each week doing homework with the girls, taking them to miscellaneous appointments, sharing evening meals, reading bedtime stories, and helping teach them to drive. These added up to some wonderful memories.

 Allow yourself and your kiddos to remember moments. These new moments and memories will help all of you as you laugh, cry, and create your own history.

ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX. Ready to make a new memory?

  • Take some time to remember the positive memories you have accomplished with your kids.
  • What are some new ones that you want to achieve with your kids?
  • Investment in their lives will impact them forever. Plan one new memory.
  • Take some time to laugh with your kiddos this week.




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