New Lessons and New Challenges

This month begins a new season. Spring has me watching for sproutiDSC04052ng buds on the trees and tiny plants peeking through the earth. There is freshness after the harshness of winter.

Some seasons of life can feel the opposite. The season of single motherhood brings many new lessons and challenges struggling to understand and accept each one.

I remember wanting to wave the white flag of defeat yelling, No, not something NEW! I am so tired of changes. Just when I thought I have one conquered, then another would hit me sideways.

Family splits and marriage break-ups present new situations. This is the NEW reality. The word new doesn’t have to be scary or negative. Let’s examine how the glass is half full not half empty. I truly believe you can to walk this journey in new shoes.

With any new lesson and challenge brings learning curves. How we react will determine part of the survival success. It could mean facing a new job or address, balancing the bank account or parenting alone. You may find yourself experiencing deep loneliness. I get it because I experienced the same things.

I had been out of the workforce, staying at home with the girls, for seven years running a home daycare. When my husband left, I had to dust off my secretarial skills. Unfortunately, those skills were more than lacking as technology had moved at a fast pace while I walked the speed of a turtle. I had to return to night school adding to my already burdened schedule and going to work every day. I was tired and sometimes my head hurt with so much new knowledge!

ID-10045513The Tortoise and Hare Fable coins a phrase that says, ‘Slow and steady wins the race’. Over the years, I steadily enrolled in a number of night school courses, accomplished new skills at work, and made our house a home.

Good grief! There were days when I got tired of learning new lessons. Desiring to have my glass half full, I believed these new challenges would provide for my family and grant me a sense of accomplishment.

It was the slow and steady determination that helped me define who I was. As we struggled, my girls saw that the new lessons and challenges were not always bad. Today, I own a business which I would never have thought possible years ago. There is something said by walking the speed of a turtle.

Life has hit you sideways. I truly understand that. I also understand that new lessons and new challenges can be a truly positive adventure. It may not feel like it right now, but each new challenge can be one of great reward. God is cheering you on.

This verse helped me believe that many new things were positive. “Forget what happened long ago! Don’t think about the past. I am creating something new. There it is! Don’t you see it?” Isaiah 43: 18 (CEV)

ID-100169204Open your tool box. It’s ok to say Good grief!

  • Write out a list of new lessons and new challenges you faced and say I Did it!
  • Don’t give up. Realize that despite the tough situation, you have the opportunity to grow in this new you.
  • Read the story of the Tortoise and Hare to your kids and talk about the importance of steady hard work making you all winners!
  • God is creating something new for you. Can you see it?







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