March Forward

Some days I wondered how I would survive.  Had I made right decisions and would I continue to make wise choices for my little family?  Some days I just ached with fatigue.

Sound familiar?

Life wasn’t always a basket of posies and times were tough but I held my chin up and kept moving ahead.  I didn’t want to be stuck in the past and keep re-living the ‘what ifs’.  It was time to March Forward.  It is one thing to make plans but it is another to execute and follow through. It meant tightening up the laces of these new shoes I had to wear while I encountered each bend in the road. This is when I can begin to succeed!!

The Book of Psalms were like my daily vitamin.  Psalm 16: 5-6 (CEV) “You, Lord, are all I want. You are my choice, and you keep me safe.  You make my life pleasant, and my future is bright”.

ID-10067212There were days in the midst of stress from work, kids homework projects, financial strains, and loneliness that had me sitting on the floor crying. My blog picture depicts how life is a balancing act as walking on a railroad track.  I blew my nose, wiped away my tears, and resolved in my spirit to get up and move forward.

I read a quote on Pinterest which said, “you can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one”. 

How true!  If we are constantly backing up and living in the past, we can’t enjoy the future and be empowered to move ahead.  The past is the past.  We deal with our part; ask God to forgive, then March Forward in positive ways toward the future.

Marching forward for me was embracing as many resources as I could to heal and grow. Some of these resources were: seeing my medical doctor to check my physical health, appointments with a wise counselor, reading as many books to gain emotional and spiritual healing (see Linda’s Library), studied the Bible, and made many new memories with my children.

100_0837Marching ahead was a conscious choice in my journey as a Single mom.  Step by step but always Marching Forward.

   ID-100169204OPEN YOUR TOOL BOX. This is a new day!!

  • What are some steps, with these new shoes, that will help you move forward?
  • Do you have some March Forward plans and goals? Take some time to write them out and keep where you can see them.
  • Let God march with you in these new goals and plans. Then watch your adventure happen!


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