Well-meaning people used to say to me, Hang in there.  What?  At that point, I was gripping onto a very worn and thread-bare rope hanging off the grieving cliff. When my world spiralled, it seemed like nothing would work out and my feet were encased in cement. Just getting my toes onto the floor each morning was a tough go. I then purposed in my heart to get out of neutral and March On. I took those three words “Hang in there” and left them in the dust.ID-100170394

Some days were harder than others but I determined to keep moving on and not turn back.  It takes time to grieve and let go of the past and yet I continued to make positive steps for myself and the girls.  Those cement shoes were replaced with a new pair of marching shoes to press on. So what was next?

One such decision for me to March On was a continued restlessness to pack up and move to another city with the kids.  It wouldn’t be an easy decision. I had to find a new job and a place to live. There were additional issues of helping the girls adjust and the reaction from my ex.  To be honest, it was easier just to forget about it.

One morning while reading my Bible it happened.  Bam! There it was! God’s confirmation to March On found in Psalm 107:6-7, “Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them from their distress.  He led them by a straight way to a city where they could settle.”

sunset_with_girls_pbcWithin a matter of months, I had a great new job, a lovely rental home by the water, and my brother and family lived just down the road. I can tell you, I faced many adventures that helped me to grow and heal.

Was it easy? No, but it was RIGHT!

ID-100169204Open Your Tool Box.  Did you find a pair of marching shoes?

  • Do you feel there is a need to change some things up in your situation?  It may not be a physical move but some sort of positive change to Move On in your journey.
  • Right now, what issues do you think is important for you to Move On and what are some hindrances. Take one step at a time.
  • Ask God for His help to show you what issues you need to release and then prayerfully work with Him. He will guide you.


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