March Break

Matthew 11:28 (CEV) “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

It was a good day. I hadn’t locked myself out of the house, the car was working, rent paid, and the girls were tucked into bed. You know what I am talking about? There were weeks when I took a deep breath and wondered what the next 7 days would hold.

We all need a break, a reprieve from the heavy pressures of life.  This time of year, school is out for March Break.  As single moms and the heavy responsibilities you carry, you need some rest from the weary journey with a change of pace.

Every year during the March break, I saved up my pennies and took the girls for one overnight to a hotel with a pool.  They were allowed to jump on the bed (a no-no in our house) and swim until their skin shrivelled.  Without the GPS invented yet, I had scribbles on a piece of paper with directions to Niagara Falls. The girls were in the back seat of the car with books, crayons, and story tapes.  I am directionally challenged but I was determined to give them this treat.

ID-100196171We arrived at our hotel only to find our room had been flooded and they couldn’t accommodate us! My heart sank. Our little mini vacation was ruined and it had taken so much effort to get to this point.  However, that didn’t last long. They provided us a room at a nearby hotel for the same price and it was a really nice hotel. 🙂

What a grand break for us…our March Break. My skin aged 5 years with swimming in the pool, but it was replenished hearing the girl’s giggles and seeing their smiling faces.  I was weary but I found rest in creating memories.  As the MacDonald’s restaurant jingle used to say, ‘You deserve a break today.’

ID-100169204Here is your Tool Box.  As you open it, want will you find.

  • Is there a place you can take your kids for a special outing?  It doesn’t have to be huge but a place where you can create a positive break with your kiddos.
  • Check on the internet for special free activities in your area during the March Break.
  • What about finding another single mom who can come along with you and share the fun?
  • Understand that God wants you to enjoy a break with your kids. Ask Him to direct you. I am so glad He did for me.


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