A Mother’s Heart

A Mother’s Heart

There is nothing quite as strong and protective as a mother’s heart.  Each beat of the heart pumps an overflow of love. We protect like a mother bear or hold close like a mother Koala bear. It doesn’t matter whether they are beside us or far apart. It is an indescribable love.

Every other weekend was especially tough.  The whole ‘separation anxiety’ of saying good-bye and hello pressed heavy on my heart. More often than not there would be tears, packing overnight bags and backpacks, and travel.  Whether a positive experience or not, it is an upheaval of routine that I couldn’t fix for them.

I wanted to protect them from every hurt, and confusion, and take away the tears of pain. It was a conscious effort to keep releasing them to God the Father to help them in their journey. It always seemed there were so many scenarios and interruptions to routine.  One of my heaviest emotional issues I dealt with was to see my girls hurting and asking questions why things had to be so different.ID-10047719

As a mother of children of divorce, it was an opportunity and privilege to embrace my children and empower them in this new journey. My goal was to help them in the healing process, believe in them, and release them to make wise choices. I prayed for them and encouraged them in the things of God.

A single mom’s heart beats double duty. It is not an easy road, but don’t lose heart.  I claimed as Psalm 119: 9 says, “Young people can live a clean life by obeying your word”.

Despite wanting to be supermom, I knew that was impossible.  I made goofs along the way. When I was discouraged and wondered if I had made any difference in my girl’s life, I received a note that went like this,

First, you’re the strongest person I know. I’m starting to understand ‘the getting back up’ when you fall down. So thank you. Second, you are truly beautiful inside and out. You are caring and kind and the kind of women I want to be. And lastly, you showed me what it is to love. Love a stranger, love your family, and love your friends and how to love when you feel you can’t. So thank you.”

From one mother to another, I know your heart is beating for your kids.  Bless you!  Be encouraged and keep moving ahead.

ID-100169204Here is your Tool Box.  Let’s open it together.

With your mother’s heart and the current issues you are facing, what one thing can you do to show your child you have their back and are rooting for them? Write out a prayer list of concerns that involve your children, date it, and partner with God in these items. As I still do, why not claim Psalm 119:9.


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