You are not alone!

You are unique and special, and not alone. I want to encourage and walk beside you in this journey. You can survive with success. How do I know? I have walked it.

I was on my own, raising my two girls for 12 years. They were 7 and 4 years old when our family was torn apart. Their dad was involved in their lives but they lived with me. Just like you, I had weekly challenges. There were things to learn and re-learn.  I was lonely, scared, and exhausted and all those emotions could happen in just one day!!!

One summer, my oldest daughter wanted to learn to water ski. She seemed so young. Staying up on skies is something that I have not been able to achieve. I did try; however, my falls resulted in a nose full of water. Defeated, I stood on the end of the dock and watched as her uncle tried to practice with her before she got in the boat. I can still feel the utter aloneness as I observed my daughter do something I was unable to show her. All of a sudden, I felt someone behind me. It was my dad. I was tearfully thankful that he came and just stood beside me.

As my dad hovered over me, the warm feeling that I was not all by myself now taught me a great lesson. God, our Father in Heaven, knows when we need support or courage to face it. God is just a breath away. Look at this verse from the pages of the Bible.(CEV)           Turn to the Lord! He can still be found. Call out to God! He is near. Isaiah 55:6 

 Despite living without a husband, I was certainly not alone. Family, friends, and my Heavenly Father stood around me.

I realized I already had a good support system. Two confidential girlfriends became my cheering squad. They held me up while I stumbled into this unknown called being a single mom.  I consider these women, my dad and my brother-in-law just some of the tools God has placed in my tool box to help me turn this journey into a success.


By the way, my daughter became a great water skier.IMG_0010 I never did learn to ski but took many pictures of her slaloming while I sat in the boat, cheering.

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